We met 24 partners in four cities – Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and asked them two questions:

  • What is most important to you when it come to your marketing initiatives?
  • What would you like to see us offer you?

The feedback was enlightening. It showed us exactly where we needed to elevate our game as well as new elements that we could incorporate.

The result is Technology Senate 2018: India’s most coveted CIO forum that builds on a 15 year legacy to deliver unbeatable, measurable and lasting value for our partners.

There is really no competition to this. Only the highest possible and endearing returns per marketing rupee for our clients.



The Ultimate Objective of events such as Technology Senate is to enable you to meet and deepen connections with the leaders that matter.

This most importantly must take place on a personal basis, unencumbered by distractions and in a relaxed environment most conducive to business.

Which is why we have made it our No. 1 PRIORITY getting you the quality meetings you want at the event.


Not to exceed 12 CIOs, these are high impact sessions with the crème de la crème of Indian IT.

A senior representative from the Partner’s side will host the session and initiate discussions.

Discussion points will be circulated to attending CIOs in advance, and the Roundtable discussion will be covered in the subsequent issue of Express Computer magazine.


This is a theme pavilion set apart to showcase your solutions with corporate India leading IT Decision makers and budget holders.

Through planning, followups and contests, we ensure traffic at every exhibit.